The Next Six Months…


The next six months: When K and I began this project our goals were to do the following – create a beautiful, artistic, multi-media show that was a true experience and put out a record that was a mix of heavy grooves, and original song-writing and then take the show across the globe. 

It’s been almost 3 years since our first show together as a duo. In that space we’ve performed at some great venues here in NYC and London and with the help of other great artists (0h10M1ke, Jeff and Mariano) we’ve had some beautiful moments playing. We’ve also shared shows with some other awesome folk like Xavier, RiShana Blake and DJ Theshthefckup. We feel like our show’s finally where we want it to be – at least musically. 

The next step for us is logically to finish a record that will be a culmination of the past three years artistically. And we’ve decided to do this in a radical new way – partially from necessity and partially by choice. 

Traditionally, when it came time to do a record, a band had several options – they could self-finance by taking out loans or drawing on family money, they could play showcases in the hope of getting picked up by a label who would finance it, or they would search for ‘angel’ investors. 

For us option one is off the table – unfortunately, (or perhaps fortunately) we aren’t trust fund kids. 

In 2008, option two has become far less feasible. The traditional label deal was always fraught with downsides – namely that the label would own your masters forever and the money that was “given” to do a record was not in fact given. It was essentially loaned off all future earnings – and you essentially made nothing until this debt was recouped. Currently, record labels are shifting away from the actual financing of a record – essentially they cannot sell enough CD’s to make back what they put in. Currently, labels prefer to be approached with a finished project which they help market and distribute. 

So that leaves option 3 – and our idea is to put a twist on financing an independent record. In doing so we really hope to help open a new path for other bands and artists to essentially finance their art – in a way that has only become possible recently with the interconnectivity of Web 2.0. This idea has been tried successfully by other artists like Jill Sobule and Telling on Trixie. We met with Ariel Hyatt or Ariel Publicity today and she will essentially be watching us a test case to see if our idea can succeed and whether it can point the way to other artists. 

So our idea is this – we are going to reach out to our fans and anyone else interested in helping to create a piece of art and document every piece of this thoroughly. We will build a site that will feature video clips of the record being made, audio clips of it in process, interviews with everyone involved – us, the producer, the visual artist, the mastering engineer. Essentially, we have the songs, the producer, the studio, the visual artists – we simply need the fund. So our goal will be to raise $20,000 (the cost to make, print, and promote the record) by April 1st through small donations and offer anyone who donates a piece of the record. (More details to come). Anything will be welcome – from 10 cents to 10,000 dollars. The site and content will be open to everyone however. We want whomever wants to observe what we’re doing and ideally if it works, to show the way in which artists can empower themselves to create without the strictures of corporate backers – and those whom they create for can participate in the creation.



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