The Last Night @ the Flux Factory

On Thursday, 10/30 we played the final party @ the Flux Factory – a huge warehouse complex in Queens.  It was a party that was going all night – the place was being demolished the next day.  Inside were multiple groups, DJ’s and artists.  We shared a room with 0h10M1ke. Long night.  We didn’t play till 1, and weren’t back till 4:30.  The next morning we had an 11AM meeting in Soho with our producer Sisko of Disco Pusher.  We worked with Sisko on our first EP.  Lately, he’s done some particularly excellent remix stuff including a new track with Au Revoir Simone.  We talked about the tunes that are going to be on the record and a basic schedule.  We are shooting to have this thing done by April 1.  We then met with Brian Douglas to discuss web stuff.  Brian built our original site.  We talked about how to put together the site which is the most basic aspect to this plan.  Also, about the model itself.  The chances of success in this endeavor are certainly iffy – but what are our other options? One of the classic record contracts with low royalties and a recoupable advance?


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