The ‘Indie Way Project’ and ‘Slouching Toward Babylon’

Today the ‘Indie Way’ Project officially kicks off.  After 3 years of existing as a band we’re going to make a record to lay down the music that we’ve been playing since 2005. The record will be called Slouching Toward Babyon’. We are going to try and finance it through microfinancing – small donations raised over the internet. Our budget is 50K and we’re looking to raise it by May 15th

We’ve constructed a website at which explains the entire process.  Our music, bio and press  is in the ‘Who We Are‘ section, a description of the ‘Indie Way’ project is in the section entitled ‘The Indie Way‘ and the ‘How to Help‘ section describes the different donation tiers and makes it easy to pay over the web.

The beautiful site was built by designer/programmer Brian Douglas, the excellent film about the project was shot and edited by director/dp Ruben O’Malley and the site is based on the art of 0h10m1ke.

In the meantime, we’ll be keeping a detailed record on this blog of our lives during this project, about raising funds and recording.  Our hope is that if this model of microfinance works, other bands will be able to do the same.


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