Lots of work to do

Spoke with Christina at Ariel Publicity.  We’ve got tons of work to do.  When K and I decided to play music for a living,  I don’t think that either of us bargained that we would be spending a good part of our lives on social networking sites. Web 2.0 is a curse as much as a blessing.  I’d rather be in the studio playing my bass, writing a tune or jamming with people than on facebook.  When do you create the art?  Yet, if we have to take the time to promote our art – we’ll make it work.  Hoping that there’ll be a lot of new stuff I learn this year about this biz of self-promo.

We’ll be playing a show at the Glasslands for Art For Progress on Saturday, January 31st.  It will be a cool multi-disciplined art hang.


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