How to balance time

Read a great post by Kevin  Kelly at The Technicum.  He talked about the ‘long tail model’ and how with the advent of web 2.0 it was possible for an artist to survive with what he calls 1000 true fans.  Essentially, now a smaller number of people can essentially act as patrons to an artist and allow them to survive and create their art.  So there is a medium between superstardom and absolute poverty.  His post is here:

The drawback to this, and he discusses it, is balancing the work with web outreach, with the creative side.  Spend too much time online and you won’t have the time to create and enhance your art.  I get this – it’s how I feel so far about this process.  I work part time as well, so the balance between all of this – work, creativity, web stuff and home is so far one of the hardest things about this.  Ken too.  We’ll essentially try to find creative solutions to this – if it’s going to be a viable model, we’ll have too.

In the studio I worked on ‘The Dream’ our one track where I play keys.  Essentially messing with the arpeggiation function of the Korg Micro to create a rhythmic 16th pattern while I groove the bass on a second keyboard going through a Roland JV1010 module.


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