My Pedalboard

My Pedalboard

My Pedalboard

Here’s a close up of the pedals I use live for all you bass geeks out there.  The signal goes through a Tech 21 Sans Amp bass driver to an AB switch.  There I send a clean signal to the mini-mixer and another signal goes through the DBA Harmonic Transformer and the Digitech Digital Delay which gives my distorted sound.  I use either a clean sound or a distorted sound mixed with a clean sound.  The mixed signal is then sent back to a volume pedal which is not in the pic and to my Eden WT 400 Head.  I usually use a flange pedal for slap too, but my MXR flange that dates back to 1982 (I found it used for $60) just bit the dust, so I’m searching for a new one.  Any suggestions?


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