Record Updates

So we’re moving along on the production end of the record.  We met with Sisko on Friday who laid out a schedule for us.  We’re shooting to be recording the week of April 13th.  For the next month we’ll be finishing and changing some music that needs work and from mid-March to mid-April we’ll be in the studio practicing it daily.  Our idea is to do an old school dance record – meaning that we want to nail the groove live in the studio, not have it chopped up and put together on a computer.

Another great piece of news.  Russell Graham, an old friend of mine from college, has agreed to do the keyboard work on the record.  Russ is an incredible musician/player/singer/producer.  Currently he’s the keys/guitar player for the great Apollo House Band and works with Nile Rodgers among others.  He’s also in the process of releasing his own record which I’m sure is killer.

Here’s a song called ‘Feels Like’ that’s in the process of being worked on.  The way we often do tunes is get a loop, build a model with form, melody and words, then fine tune the groove, with Ken and I developing a much heavier live groove and Ken is also going to add a couple of layers of percussion.  This tune is still being modeled – I’m still working out the form for the dance breakdown at the end…d


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