Living in interesting times.

So  today the market hit its lowest point in years.  Meanwhile, across the river I was in the studio beginning work on a new tune.  For this week I’m writing a slower, more gentle song to close the record.  I was inspired and it just poured out.  I used some chord progressions that I’ve been dying to use for years and it came.  It has to be done by Friday – Sisko’s holding us to firm deadlines.  I’ve dreamed of this record for years. Now this tricky thing still remains the financing of it.  We’re going to be faced with a studio bill in April of at least $2500, not to mention Sisko’s fee.  So maybe it was unfortunate timing to get this record finance project going when the economy’s on the skids, but what are you going to do?  It will be made one way or another.  Unless you’re a trust fund baby, $$ can be the bane of an artist’s existance.


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