Official Recording dates

So we’ve locked in June 15th – June 19th as the dates when we’ll be recording the rhythm section tracks.  We’ll be recording at Vacation Island Studios in Williamsburg.  Until then,  we’re prepping tracks for those days in the studio.  It will be intense – we’re looking to lay 12 tracks in 5 days – mostly live.  Afterwards, we’ll spend a good part of June and July building the electronics over it. I’m really psyched for this whole process.  Right now we’re also listening to music.  I’ve been going through lists of the best dance tracks of all time.  Usually they all contain the same 3 producers and artists somewhere:- Giorgio Moroder w/Donna Summers, Quincy Jones w/Michael Jackson and Nile Rodgers w/Chic.  There’s something to it – when we DJ, if we bust out a track from one of these teams, it’s inevitably a floor filler.  Here’s a pic from our show @ Pianos in December taken by Carly Sioux

Comandante Zero

Comandante Zero


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