Record’s We’re Checking Out

We’ve been checking out a lot of records lately to get a feel for what we want this record to sound like.  We’re looking for different stuff – great bass sounds, drum sounds, vocals, grooves etc.  Here’s a couple we’ve been looking at recently for inspiration as we approach our own record.


Michael Jackson – Thriller: This is probably the greatest dance record ever made.  The sound of the record as produced by Quincy Jones is simply stunning.  25 years after it was made, it’s genius is still as obvious now as it was back then

Chic: For years I’ve been obsessed with Bernard Edwards’ bass playing – to the point where his face was my screen saver and his picture hangs in my apartment.  This is probably the greatest live dance band ever and one of the best rhythm sections as well.  An NYC band also and produced by Nile Rodgers (their guitarist) who went on to produce some of the greatest records of the 70’s and 80’s including Madonna’s first record, The B-52’s and David Bowie.  Their stuff was recorded live, without a click track and it still fills dance floors today.

Curses: Part of the Trouble and Bass DJ crew here in Brooklyn. The power of their tracks and the grittiness of the electronic sounds are awesome.  Check these guys live if you ever get a chance.

Giorgio Moroder: An Italian producer of the 70’s who produced some of the greatest dance tracks ever.  (ex: Donna Summer’s 70’s dance hits)


My choices are not so much for the drum sounds yet, but more for groove. So far the record I like most for drum sounds is Thriller. I am still investigating more.

Roots- Rising Down:
Our sound is all about the bass drum connection. On this record, the connection between Questlove and Black Thought rhythmically (even though he’s the MC) is incredible. It’s really the way in which they both completely get in each other’s rhythms that makes that impeccablepocket.

Oumou Sangare
and Ali Farka Toure.  These are two of the most famous musicians coming out of Mali. I’m going to be adding a lot of percussion on this record, and the rhythmic articulations in the guitar and percussion lines have an incredible feel that I’m really trying to get inside of. Basically anything I’m checking out, I always try to find out where the dance is in it. What part of my body do I want to move when I hear it etc. Then I break it down and try to replicate that feeling in my body when I play.


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