The Generational Hump: Straddling both sides of the technological revolution

During this PR campaign that we are doing with Ariel Publicity and Cyber PR, I have been forced to think a lot about this whole new world of social media and how it related to my life. I find myself straddling a very interesting generational hump. What it breaks down to is that I am basically old enough to remember what life was like before there was any such thing as a cell phone or the Internet. But I am young enough and in such an industry that it is necessary that I fully engage in this new world that it has created in order to avoid being left behind.

I remember when I first heard of the blog. The concept seemed absolutley ridiculous to me. (I also adamately resisted the cell phone for several years, but now have no idea how I survived without one.) I was thinking that when I was a kid, if you kept a diary, not even your best friend could see it. It would be locked and hidden under the bed. Now people are blasting their thoughts all over the Internet. I get it now and the ways that it is useful for everyone, but it was weird at the time.

Even though I am very open to it all, it is a process for me. Right now Twitter is my process. It is both a confusing and an exciting time to be a musician. Confusing in that the established model of the record industry is being uprooted and no one really knows what it will be. Exciting in that it is a real chance for musicians to steer it in a direction that empowers the creators and the audiences.


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