Enter The Rain

Today I worked on a new version of ‘Enter The Rain’  Ken’s in Florida visting the fam.  Sisko ordered us to have this version done by tomorrow, and it’s pretty much finished.  The way we generally work – we come up with a groove first.  Then I create the chord, words and melody.  I model the whole thing in Garageband, which has iffy sound, but is good because it’s quick and simple.  If we want to record stuff seriously, we then enter it into Logic where Ken produces it and mixes it.

For the record, the stuff will be modeled in Garageband, we will then rehearse the drum, bass and guitar parts live and record those in the studio.  Subsequently, we will create the electronic sounds in Sisko’s studio on Crosby St in Soho.

Here’s a version of ‘Enter the Rain’ from the Garageband model.  I know it’s a big no, no to put unfinished stuff out there, but if anyone wonders what a tune in progress sounds like, here it is.

The keyboard horns will eventually be played by a live horn section, the backing vox will be done by female singers and hopefully we’ll have a chance at using an actuall B3 and Rhodes for the keys.


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