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New Promo Reel

Sorry – we’ve been off this blog for a bit.  Here’s a link to a new promo reel by Ruben O’Malley featuring some footage from the last 2 years of shows.  Enjoy…


Welcome Brian!

Brian Douglas has joined us as Comandante Zero’s official ‘Communications Manager.’

When Ken and I began the ‘Indie Way’ project,  the idea was fundamentally to figure out new ways in which an indie band could survive in an era when the old models of the music biz were collapsing.  The traditional route for a band went something like this – write songs, play gigs, gain a couple of fans, get a manager, get a lawyer and get picked up by a record company.  The record company would then give the band, their manager and lawyer some $$ to do a record, to live on (all recoupable against future sales) and then they would hire a PR agent, booking agent and get their songs placed with a publisher.

Fastforward to 2009.  The model is broken.  The failing record companies aren’t picking up many bands, and when they do, they often expect them to come to them with a finished record and an established fan base.  (the question remains – why should they get such a high percentage of the artist’s royalties if they are no longer putting in such high initial investments, but that’s another  post)

The death of the record companies doesn’t make us sad in the least – it’s a really exciting time.  Essentially, with the web, a band has the ability to communicate it’s music, videos and other content to the entire world.  Whereas, the day of the rock stars may be over, a new era may be emerging in which a middle class of bands emerges.  These are musicians who can support themselves as artists, not with private jets, and mansions, but enough to be able to simply continue making their art and not be destitute.  These artists essentially will be supported by their network of fans who can now be spread throughout the world but tied together through the internet.

Basically, we believe that bands of the future are going to have as a key member of their team a person who is in charge of their online content, overseeing it and making sure it presents a coherent image to the world.  However, as it becomes more important for bands to constantly release content besides music (i.e. videos, interviews, blogs, tweets) this person will act as a producer as well – documenting shows, producing videos and other material to transmit to the world.  Currently, this job does not even have a title, and often is given to multiple people, but we believe that more and more, bands will take on this person as one of the first members of their team.

We’ve worked with Brian for a couple of years now.  He designed our great ‘Indie Way’ website.  So were really excited that Brian’s agreed to work with us and we’re sure he’ll be one of the first of the many ‘Communications Managers’ that will arise in the music biz (or whatever other title someone thinks up in the future)

Making sense…

April 3, 2009: douchey drummers, AMP energy drink, rainy 9th st, clouds over Prospect Park, thoughts of $$, thoughts of $$, tuning the bass, kissing the wife, walking to school, little green umbrella, big barnes and nobles umbrella, e-mails, lots of them, thoughts of $$, tired, not enought sleep, rotton cucumber, refilling water bottles, chlorine taste, wooden drum chips on the floor, old boots, AMP energy drink. b flat chord, weird speaking voice, distant future, communications managers, percentages, crowded studio, Russian Disco, sleepy Ken, weird sss’s, img_1936

The Order Of The Record

We’re in the studio figuring out the order of the record.  It’s very preliminary.  We’ve listened to a couple of records we dig to try and find commonalities between them.  These included:  Meshell Ndegeocello’s Peace Beyond Passion, Apocalypso by the Presets and The Bends by Radiohead. These records, even though the music on them is completely different, are all well thought through as being albums instead of a collection of singles.  We noticed – the first couple of tunes are hard hitting examples of their more typical sound.  The middle of the record slows with ballads and instrumentals and all of them end with a calmer track that definitevely signals that the journey’s over.  All of these records have between 11-13 tracks and last between 48 and 55 minutes. Just some food for thought….

In the studio

Today we were in the studio working as a backing rhythm section for Polina Goudieva and were joined by Matt Beck on guitar.  Rehearsed the set to prep for tomorrow’s Art for Progress show.   We’ll also be playing the Deli Party at Public Assembly next Thursday, Feb. 5th.pub-ass-0205-flyer-copy3