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Programming a Behringer FCB1010

In the past several months we’ve been revamping our show to make the electronics much more ‘live’ – meaning being able to trigger sections, grooves in response to the crowd energy.  What we’re going for is to almost be DJ’s with live instruments and grooves.  So far a crucial player in this has been the FCB1010 Pedal.  This pedal is not too expensive, a little less than $200.00, it’s stable and sturdy and for a bass player who can’t easily take his hands off the instrument to hit a button, indispensible.

Now, the one downside to this pedal is that it’s a huge pain in the ass to program.  The manual, should be tossed immediately – pretty useless.  If you get one of these bad boys, get online and start reading.  I found this link to get the pedal to send basic commands to Ableton Live.  This was a start, but it really only dealt with midi CC commands.   These are great to trigger clips in session view but don’t work for turning on and off effects and instruments in Live.  To do this you need to send actual midi notes.  To to this is the same process except subsitute button 10 for button 6.

After spending a couple of hours of programming the pedal manually like this, someone at Dubspot hipped me to this piece of software.

This turned out to be the best $20 I’ve spent in a long time.  After a few hours of tweaking to get the pedal to work it completely simpified the process.  I’ll post more about it as I get deeper into it, but if you’re serious about using this pedal with Ableton Live, just skip the manual programming part and go right to it.  It will save you a lot of time.

In the meantime, I’ll also be checking out this baby Loudon Stearns, Berklee’s Ableton guru, raves about it.



New Promo Reel

Sorry – we’ve been off this blog for a bit.  Here’s a link to a new promo reel by Ruben O’Malley featuring some footage from the last 2 years of shows.  Enjoy…

MonkeyTown 9.30.09

We’re returning to the stage with a show at MonkeyTown on Wednesday, September 30th. It’s unbelievable that it will be over 6 months since we’ve taken the stage.  The show will be a mix of live electro and visual art.  Oh1oM1ke will draw each song on a wacom as we perform it live.  We’ll be playing in the middle of a room surrounded by 4 25 ft screens.  More details can be found here

The Gowanus

Here’s a pic from outside our studio on the Gowanus Canal.  It was taken on Tuesday, April 21, 2009.  It had been raining and the waters of Brooklyn flowing into the Canal gave it that beautiful sheen.  As nasty and polluted as it gets, I still love Gowanus… gowanus

Making sense…

April 3, 2009: douchey drummers, AMP energy drink, rainy 9th st, clouds over Prospect Park, thoughts of $$, thoughts of $$, tuning the bass, kissing the wife, walking to school, little green umbrella, big barnes and nobles umbrella, e-mails, lots of them, thoughts of $$, tired, not enought sleep, rotton cucumber, refilling water bottles, chlorine taste, wooden drum chips on the floor, old boots, AMP energy drink. b flat chord, weird speaking voice, distant future, communications managers, percentages, crowded studio, Russian Disco, sleepy Ken, weird sss’s, img_1936

Official Recording dates

So we’ve locked in June 15th – June 19th as the dates when we’ll be recording the rhythm section tracks.  We’ll be recording at Vacation Island Studios in Williamsburg.  Until then,  we’re prepping tracks for those days in the studio.  It will be intense – we’re looking to lay 12 tracks in 5 days – mostly live.  Afterwards, we’ll spend a good part of June and July building the electronics over it. I’m really psyched for this whole process.  Right now we’re also listening to music.  I’ve been going through lists of the best dance tracks of all time.  Usually they all contain the same 3 producers and artists somewhere:- Giorgio Moroder w/Donna Summers, Quincy Jones w/Michael Jackson and Nile Rodgers w/Chic.  There’s something to it – when we DJ, if we bust out a track from one of these teams, it’s inevitably a floor filler.  Here’s a pic from our show @ Pianos in December taken by Carly Sioux

Comandante Zero

Comandante Zero

We won the 2009 AFP Clash of the Artists

We’ve been really busy prepping for the finals of the Art For Progress ‘Clash of the Artists‘ event.  We performed on 3/14 and won the competition.  Thanks to everyone who supported us – all the people who voted for us and who came out and supported us.  Also, thanks to 0h10m1ke for a great year of collaboration.  We were also joined on the last song by Eliot Krimsky of Glass Ghost, JC Cassis and Ms. Stefani Peikin.  Here are a bunch of great pics of the event taken by Stephanie Perez as well as a bunch of our previous show.  We’re going on a bit of a hiatus from live shows – we’re in preproduction mode until we finish this record.