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MonkeyTown 9.30.09

We’re returning to the stage with a show at MonkeyTown on Wednesday, September 30th. It’s unbelievable that it will be over 6 months since we’ve taken the stage.  The show will be a mix of live electro and visual art.  Oh1oM1ke will draw each song on a wacom as we perform it live.  We’ll be playing in the middle of a room surrounded by 4 25 ft screens.  More details can be found here


In the studio

Today we were in the studio working as a backing rhythm section for Polina Goudieva and were joined by Matt Beck on guitar.  Rehearsed the set to prep for tomorrow’s Art for Progress show.   We’ll also be playing the Deli Party at Public Assembly next Thursday, Feb. 5th.pub-ass-0205-flyer-copy3

My Pedalboard

My Pedalboard

My Pedalboard

Here’s a close up of the pedals I use live for all you bass geeks out there.  The signal goes through a Tech 21 Sans Amp bass driver to an AB switch.  There I send a clean signal to the mini-mixer and another signal goes through the DBA Harmonic Transformer and the Digitech Digital Delay which gives my distorted sound.  I use either a clean sound or a distorted sound mixed with a clean sound.  The mixed signal is then sent back to a volume pedal which is not in the pic and to my Eden WT 400 Head.  I usually use a flange pedal for slap too, but my MXR flange that dates back to 1982 (I found it used for $60) just bit the dust, so I’m searching for a new one.  Any suggestions?